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Eligibility for Educational License

RapidMiner’s Educational License is available for:

  • students currently enrolled in an academic institution
  • individuals learning data-mining privately or through an organization
  • educators teaching at academic or professional organizations
  • individuals participating in public data science competitions (e.g. Kaggle)

RapidMiner’s Educational License is not available for commercial, non-profit organizations, or funded research.

If you are a funded researcher, contact us to apply for discounted commercial licenses.

Users of the Educational License agree to the following requirements :

  • provide RapidMiner with a description of their product usage upon request
  • provide RapidMiner with feedback upon request (e.g. surveys or usability tests)
  • opt-in for Wisdom of Crowds
  • credit the usage of RapidMiner products in any publicized materials

The term of an Educational License is 3 months from the date it is issued. You can view your licenses in your account manager. You may apply for additional terms after the license expires.

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